The Aging Athlete

Once proud of his own talents, our hero has to learn to be proud of his daughter's.

Joyce to the World

A documentary on James Joyce's Ulysses, "The most important novel of the 20th century, that one has ever read." Just the first 7 mins.

The 7th Day

Putting together a few still images to celebrate the births of Maria and Charlotte and the effects on their dads.

Killing Time

Maggie blames the clock radio for her mother's constant disappearance.

Penguins in Antarctica

The antics of Chinstrap, Adélie & Gentoo Penguins in Antarctica, the only continent of the seven without a country.

Morning Routine

An exercise video that will help you get your day off to a great start.

Guns R Us

A look at guns in America, their affect on us, and a variety of different perspectives.

Chef Fratelli

TV pilot for the Food Network with the Chef Fratelli, real Italians cooking real Italian food!

The Accountants

In a parody of the VH1's Behing The Music. The Accountants documents the rise and fall of one of America's favorite accounting giants.

Feeding Frenzy

This is not a metaphor for the Buffets in Las Vegas. It's simply a bunch of Ducks enjoying their first meal of the day.